About BCC

Site Office

Itís durable and long lasting and resists all weather conditions

To provide customized solutions to end user, faster occupancy, so you can get back to business. Concrete structures have given way to Portable Cabins & its today's need of the hour. Portable cabins are study and combine creativity with artistic beauty, optimum use of space with necessary accessories, furniture's & fixtures.

Office cabins are made to suit various project requirements at site. These are tough externally & elegantly designed internally to make one feel lively & promote sense of professionalism. Its keeps temperatures maintained inside due to superior quality insulation.

Based on customer choice; designed are available with furniture and without furniture. They are easily transferable from one site to another. Site Offices can be designed as per customer specification, we have various colour options to suit individuals needs and taste. It can be designed in any shape and size depending upon space available. It comes with attractive wall paneling with matching doors and windows.

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